Monday, May 9, 2011

Doctor Who S06E02-Day of the Moon

Three months after the events of “The Impossible Astronaut”, Amy, Rory and River are all hunted down in turn by Agent Canton Delaware and the FBI and killed at the end of their encounters. Meanwhile, a bearded Doctor awaits his fate in a cell surrounded by guilt for what he has brought upon his friends. This, however, is all a ruse. If The Doctor and his companions are to fight back against the merciless Silence, they need the ultimate game plan; one that involves meddling with Apollo 11’s moon landing and a little death faking. But how can this time traveling crew deal with an enemy that makes you forget it exists just seconds after you look away from it.

Day of the Moon did a lot of things right this week, the least of which is amp up the WTF factor that had me reeling from last weeks astounding episode. I know that a lot plot elements introduced in this two part arc will be resolved further down the season, but I was still curious how they were going to resolve things with The Silence and still keep us interested for the rest of the season to come.

The opening teaser featuring The Doctor’s elaborate plan to have Canton “eliminate” his companions to throw The Silence off their big plan was clever and even a bit alarming. I mean I knew that no one was in real danger at this early point in the episode but it was still unnerving to see Amy, Rory and River seemingly reaching the end of the line, gave me a lot of Goosebumps. And am I a fool to say that The Doctor looked a little cool with a full grown beard? Kind of stylish, goes up there with the Fez and the Cowboy Hat.

The one negative gripe I have with this episode comes right after this, however. Canton and Amy’s mission to explore the haunted orphanage was a little boring to be honest. Even when Amy got the shock of discovering that the girl in the astronaut suit may very well be her unborn daughter and was captured by The Silence; these moments took a long time to get to and I was starting to tire of the dark hallway and the lack of Canton, my favorite new character du jour.

But once we got past this and Canton took out that one Silence in a manor befitting a true badass, the episode got back to running again. Which led us to the slam bang finale of an episode. The Doctor’s solution to not noticing The Silence was brilliant, using their own powers against them and getting the human race to spot them using the moon landing was a great ploy. And wow, wow, wow, River Song ladies and gentlemen. As Rory and The Doctor hurry Amy to safety, Doctor Song single handedly takes down a room full of tux wearing UFO’s in such beautiful yet deadly fashion. Lara Croft should be very jealous of this fiery vixen who may or may not win The Doctor’s heart. Cudos to Alex Kingston for such an amazing display of talent.

Which brings us to the close. Yes it sucks that Canton and River will not be traveling on the TARDIS and yes we kind of already knew that Amy will always love Rory, but that doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Not when some little girl creepily says she is dying but it is ok then bursts out Time Lord Regeneration energy. Like I said, WTF!!!???

Series Six is off to a great start at the close of this amazing two part episode. And there are certainly plenty of water cooler moments to keep fans gossiping for the next month and a half before anything here is truly resolved (possibly). And so the TARDIS flies off to new stand alone adventures. And I’m glad to be back onboard for the ride.

Next Week-Pirates of the high seas face a beautiful Siren…and Amy with a cutlass


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