Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Torchwood S02E03-To The Last Man

It's that time of the year again for Torchwood. That time of the year when they must once again thaw out a WWI soldier named Tommy. That time of the year they must wait for 24 hours to see if Tommy's mission to save two time periods has come. That time of the year when Toshiko fears that very day and the end of her romance with Tommy will end. Unfortunantley, that time has come. It's time for Tommy to save the world...and say his final farewell to the woman he loves.

While not as exciting as the first two installments of Season 2, this episode was still pretty heartbreaking. It was nice to see Tosh in the spotlight again (looking hotter than usual for her day with Tommy). It does suck though that she has such terrible luck with romance, a Torchwood constant. First, it's a life draining lesbian, now it's a WWI soldier who, once his mission is done, she will never see again. Is love a curse for this team? On a side note, Tosh/Owen shippers will love the small yet tender interactions they have in this episode. Perhaps they will find comfort in each other eventually, but then again, that's still a ways off I'm sure.

Next week looks pretty exciting though. It will be cool to see how they bring Rhys into Gwen's world and how her revealing her secret life will affect their own.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Torchwood S02E02-Sleeper

Well, just when you think this is going to be a somewhat lighter season, the writers smack you hard in the face. If this episode proves anything, Torchwood's in for a pretty dark year.

After two burglars are brutally assaulted during a theft, Jack believes that the woman they were trying to rob is responsible. Although thuroughly convinced she is not an alien, the woman, Beth, is proven wrong when Torchwood unveils her secret identity as a mechanical sleeper agent. However, with her cover blown, other sleeper agents across Cardiff begin to activate and begin their assault. It comes down to a do or die situation as Jack and the team rush to stop nuclear armaggedon and save Beth's humanity, or what's left of it.

The introduction of the Sleepers was a nice touch to the show, giving Torchwood a formidable foe for the new season. But this episodes heart is Beth, who is trying to regain something she never really had, a normal human life. It was interesting to see Jack and Gwen on opposite sides of this situation. Gwen led the team in Jack's absence so it was exciting to see the two leading officers figure out how to save Beth without killing her.

Who are the Sleepers working for? How many more are left? And could they be connected to the mysterious Gray? Torchwood continues to pile on the questions, leaving me plenty interested and psyched up for more.


Torchwood S02E01-Kiss, Kiss Bang, Bang

As the title might suggest, Torchwood got off to a spectacular start and a much needed amount of bang. Jack returns home to his Cardiff team after his three episode adventure with The Doctor. Almost immediately, Torchwood is on the case of a mysterious stranger claiming to be a rouge Time Agent and a "close" friend of Jack's. Needless to say the team has its hand full with Captain John Hart (played by Buffy and Angel's James Marsters) as well as their unusual reunion with Jack. Why did he leave them and does he intend to stay? And when the day is saved in typical Torchwood, who is the mysterious Gray?

This was a straight up fun episode to get the new season going. Everyone on this episode looked like they were having fun. It looks like Jack has gotten much of the Han Solo esque persona back after his season long dark streak. And like Spike to Angel, Marsters steals the show as the best new character of the series, bringing out a side to Jack we haven't seen since his first appearence on Doctor Who. From what we saw in the previews he will be back for at least another episode, but here's hoping he becomes a full time regular.

This episode set up alot to be dealt with. What I'm looking forward to the most is the revamped and ever apparent sexual tension between Jack and Gwen. Although she says she is now engaged to her boyfriend Rhys, it's clear that Jack is interested in her and vice versa. After all, he's been on a devestated alternate Earth for a year, I'm sure he's had plenty of time to sort out his feelings for her. But more on that later.

Welcome back Torchwood and good luck with the Sophomore season
Rating: 10/10

Torchwood Season 2 Underway

Well, ladies and gents, after almost a full year of waitng, Captain Jack Harkness and his merry band of alien detectives has finally come back to the world with new episodes of Torchwood. Being the generous fan that I am, I will be updating my blog weekly with news of the teams new exploits. Now, seeing as how I am two weeks behind already, I'll include a special double update later. But first, the Season 1 recap.

Season 1 introduces Torchwood through the eyes of their new recruit, Gwen Cooper. The team consists of Doctor Owen Harper; Technician extrordinaire Toshiko Sato; jack of all trades Ianto Jones; and their brilliant leader Captain Jack Harkness. Throughout the first season, the team deals with various threats both within their own ranks and outside of Torchwood. From incomplete Cybermen to innocent people stranded outside of their time period to ressurected menacing teammates, Torchwood delivers its own brand of justice to those posing a threat to the planet. The season closed out with the opening of the Cardiff rift by a possessed Torchwood team, despite Jack's attempts to stop them. Jack is killed before the Rift opens, but comes back to life to fight the monster unleashed from the Rift. Days later, Jack recovers and forgives his teammates, only to vanish from their sights when he hears the familiar engines of a certain Doctors spaceship...

Season 2 Episode 1 and 2 Summaries later on.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Torchwood's Back this Wednesday

I know this isn't exactly English class related, but hey I'm always ready to turn people onto new things. That being said, Britain's biggest scifi series Torchwood is finally returning to the BBC and BBC America this Wednesday with New Episodes.

The show is a spin off of the popular British SciFi series Doctor Who and tells the stories of an elite alien tracker team known as Torchwood. Led by the handsome and mysterious Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood is on a mission to track down all signs of alien life on Earth and arm the human race against the future. As Jack so often warns, "The 21st Century is when everything changes, and you've gotta be ready". What this means exactly has yet to be revealed.

So yeah, if your really big on Scifi or a fan of Doctor Who, I definitley recommend catching the new Episodes on BBC America when they air here in the states, or torrenting them right away.

You will not be disappointed.